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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 00:00

Ban muslim arrivals into the US - Donald Trump

 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again passed controversial remarks on home growing terrorism. He said, to stop the local extremism, the government should halt Muslims entering the US. At a campaign in South Carolina Mr Trump said a "total and complete" shutdown should remain until the US authorities "can figure out" Muslim attitudes to the US.

Though Mr Trump's statement cheered his supporters at the rally, criticism from all sides was swift. A statement from the White House asserted that Mr Trump's comments were against to US values and its national security interests.Republicans are also unhappy with their party's front runner presidential candidate's verbalization. Jeb Bush, a Republican also running for president, said the New York businessman was mentally imbalanced.

 This is not the first time that Mr Trump has made such controversial comments in his campain rallies. He often uttered dissension since his presidential campain has been kicked off. Mr Trump faced criticism Not only with his unhinged verbose but also by imitations of some persons. The latest belligerent statement of Mr Trump is condemned by widespread community of the US.

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