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Saturday, 12 December 2015 00:00

Does America lift the ban on Modi’s Visa?

American president Obama's decision to lift the ban on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's entry to the US will be finalised by February, 2016. A US federal court has ordered the State Department to produce all documents by February 2016 related Modi's tourist visa.

Modi's tourist visa was withdrawn in 2005 over his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots when he was chief minister of the state. However, President Barack Obama was quick to congratulate and invite Modi to the US after he became Prime Minister in May 2014.However, Modi has visited the US twice since then. The Department of State will make an initial production of discovery in mid-January 2016, followed by another production of discovery in mid-February 2016. judge of US federal court said in his Dec 9 order that the next conference in the case will take place on Feb 29. Modi was the only person who was denied a US visa under the US law on religious freedom. But after his election as Prime Minister, the ban was revoked as heads of government or state are exempt from the law.

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