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Sunday, 20 December 2015 00:00

BJP MP Tarun Vijay demands action against American agencies

BJP MP Tarun Vijay asked the government to take up with the US a wrong map of Kashmir allegedly published by Microsoft and other American agencies, saying it was“cartographic attack” on India’s sovereignty.

 “There is a cartographic attack on India’s sovereignty and unity. Microsoft and other American agencies are publishing a wrong map of India, and surprisingly, we are not making the correct and right noises against it. This is the map where entire Kashmir and our Aksai Chin are shown in China and Pakistan. This is an attack on India’s sovereignty.

The Government must take up this issue very, very seriously,” he said.Vijay said he was in a NATO meeting in Brussels a month ago where, “I saw the NATO Generals in a briefing showing India’s wrong map. I protested then and there. I said this was against India and if you think that you are a friend of India, you should not be showing these wrong maps,” the BJP member said and demanded that the government must protest against it.“To protect the sovereignty of India and to stop the cartographic attack on India by Microsoft and other American agencies, we must give them notice and we must boycott their products,” he said, adding that the wrong maps should be corrected.

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