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Thursday, 26 May 2016 00:00

Two years into governance: Modi's performance Featured

It was on 26 may 2014, Narendra modi assumed charge of prime minister of india. its almost two years, how far his promises has been realized?Do the interrelated promises of "Achhe din" and "Congress mukt Bharat" has been fulfilled ?

"Achhe din" -The promise made by modi is subjective and comparative.Though the diehard supporters of modi think that the promise of "achhe din" has been met, but many people think that it has not been met so far.

Did Modi failed?

This would be a recent election judgement. The BJP was defeated in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry.

Its clearly seen that the BJP got 17% votes in the lok sabha owing to his factor and they lose three-seven percent vote share in the westbengal Assembly polls. Though the BJP satisfied with opening an account in West Bengal.Apparently, for the BJP, merely "opening an account" is equivalent of 'acchhe din'


What does "Congress mukt-Bharat mean?"

if it is a freedom from the congress,however there are no signs of congress revival.The super power of the BJP might actually impede the further worsening of the congress party.

Two years into Governance, if we look back Modi's performance . 



1.Making weaker sections and low income groups access to various financial services like opening of basic savings bank accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana scheme will give them a sense of pride.

2.Sukhanya Samridi Account, which is the part of "Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao" is a good initiative to address the Gender imbalance and to create a positive environment in favor of a girl child.

3."Make In India" is a good initiative to promote india a manufacturing hub, but it needs overall infrastructure.

4.Replacing the 65-year old Planning Commission to Niti Ayog brings a new culture of including leaders of 29 states and seven union territories, who can also have a much larger say in crucial decisions.

5.LPG subsidy reforms with 'Give It Up' campaign attracted the customers to give it up their LPG connections to those who still use firewoods or kerosene stoves for cooking.

6.Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has laid a lot of emphasis on cleanliness. A good initiative but institutional momentum is required for this.

In formulating and implementing foreign policy, modi government has scored high marks on external affairs.



1.The government would deposit money in their accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana scheme but most people perception is that the account will give only insurance benefits.

2.Only as per each year's union budget and market performance, Sukhanya Samridi account would be managed. eith this one can understand that there would be a lot of political inflence on the scheme.

3.Look at "Make in india", If india is not economically feasible, whats the need to manufacture a commodity here, its better to import it, as international trade, after all, welfare augmenting.

4.It looks as if the government is acting more on the growth of industry and not paying attention to farmers.

5.Modi govt seems to be failed to prevent many incidents of communal violence.

India needs stability in governance and finally the second anniversary of modis government is going to be 'Achhe Din' to 'Zara Muskura Do.'


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