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Saturday, 28 May 2016 00:00

Priyanka Gandhi Replaces Rahul Gandhi ? Featured

Congress after many attempts may have seen Rahul of being increasingly incapable of handling the politics and bringing off the party. They may convey Priyanka to UP polls and test waters. If congress can win say 30 seats, they may try further.But Vadra is a trouble here.No one knows where they will go to Sonia is not substantial enough to campaign vigorously.

Secondly,… Can Priyanka handles the campaign issues? She was forced to stay back at Amethi by BJP in the 2014 elections or else it would have been very tough. Can she handle the national campaign in another three year? She may have the striking resemblance to Indira but now 50% of voters have not seen the Indira. So Indira looks alike card may not work.

Thirdly,… where will Rahull go if she becomes the leader in 2019? Will he take the sanyas or will play the second fiddle? If so, the BJP will make a strong campaign that Congress is run only to save the family. Maa and Kids… If Rahul runs away, it will be another point which Congress will have to defend and maybe another problem rather than the solution.

If Rahul remains, and if Priyanka is required for the support of Rahul for PM, which he is not capable of handling, it will be another pitfall and not an advantage for Congress. And the second rung leaders will be Pilot, Scindia…? Too many imponderables, that will not be easy.Another issue turns up with the performance of Modi and pick up in the economy into higher gear.

In that case, will Congress Priyanka just for the sake of 50 seats is the best they can get Or will wait till 2024 polls ? If Priyanka comes, they can forget any association even with Nitish Kumar, who knows it is easy to handle Pappu and may not Priyanka…  Who knows.. Maybe Priyanka turns out to be a bigger Pappu. After all, she has only flashed a broad grin and waved her hands till date in Amethi and RaeBarelli. Unless she comes o the floor of real politics, no one knows how good she is.


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