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Friday, 29 July 2016 00:00

Girl confronts AAP workers on Delhi road-Trending nation wide

In the recent times, AAP party is in the news for wrong reasons. AAP is known for their protests. They make news with their protests and Dharnas in the national capital. Common people who voted for AAP are fed up with their activities.

A girl confronted AAP activists who were protesting on the national highway causing inconvenience to the general public.She also questioned whether AAP is thinking voters as jokers. The activists were shocked by the girls' comments.

 Delhi Police arrested AAP MLA Amanatullah khan for threatening a woman. AAP workers started protesting regarding this arrest. Traffic problem arose as a result.A girl was going to the hospital in her car. She had to stop her car as there was a heavy traffic on the road. She got down and went to the AAP workers and asked them to clear the road. Then one of those workers replied that they would not allow anyone to go. The girl lost her temper and took hold of his collar and asked why they were causing problems to the common people and why thousands should suffer because of one MLA. In themean time, Police reached the place and regulated the traffic.

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