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Saturday, 03 September 2016 00:00

Spent 9 crores on Tea and Samosa ?

teasamosa teasamosa
There are many changes in our politics since independence. Public money is spent on various personal things of political leaders. They are using public money for their personal grudge.Political leaders should work to solve public problems.

But they are least cared about that.They are misutilising their political power. The expenditures of political leaders crossed several crores. They are not utilising single paisa from their money purse. Wasting public money on foreign trips has become common these days. Supreme court should interfere in this aspect. Let's see an example on this.

Uttar Pradesh Ministers spent more than 9 crores for providing tea, samosa and other snacks. These snacks are provided with the public money. From 2012 March 15 to 2016 March 16 , Akhilesh Government spent Rs 8,78,12,474 on snacks. Among all, Arun Kori spent Rs 22,93,800 , the highest sum. 6 other ministers spent more than 21 lakhs.


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