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Friday, 09 September 2016 00:00

Is Chandrababu Naidu blackmailing the cabinet ministers ?

Babu blackmailing ministers Babu blackmailing ministers
A news from the AP government is coming out and creating buzz. Latest news is that Chandrababu conducted survey on all the ministers. According to sources, Babu said these words to Ministers in a cabinet meeting.

This shocked all the ministers.Another latest news is change in the minister's portfolios. In the past also,Babu relies on surveys to examine their work. He conducts survey on all the MLAs periodically. But what is the use of conducting surveys. He did not take action on any minister till now. If he discloses the survey results, the ministers can improve their work and inturn he gets good image among the public. This is a type of blackmailing the ministers.

One can feel the difference in administration,if the under performing ministers are warned and removed from their position. Few Andhra Pradesh ministers have many allegations on them. But Chandrababu Naidu is not talking about them. He wears the mask of the survey and passes the time. To get the results, one need to utilize all the resources available.

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