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Friday, 09 September 2016 00:00

People ran away with cots from Rahul Gandhi's Khat Sabha Featured

Thinking out of the box helps you but you have to face the worst consequences if the ideas won't work. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi faced this type of situation recently.

Political strategist Prashant Kishore designed a plan to present Rahul Gandhi in a new way in Uttar Pradesh election campaign.Prashant's previous plan "Chai pe Charcha" worked out very well for the BJP.He made few changes to it and designed "Khat Sabha", which is similar to formal village meetings. The congress workers arranged cots to the villagers so that they can sit comfortably and listen to his words.

The party got ready with 10,000 cots and experimented with 2,000 cots at Rudrapur. The villagers started running with the cots whiach are meant for their seating. The villagers fought for the cots and said to one another that Rahul Gandhi gifted them with the cots. Political strategist Prashant's idea ended with a flop show. Let's see how he would design the rest of the campaign..

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