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Friday, 09 September 2016 00:00

Why to discuss with Pakistani supporters? asks Kashmiris Featured

rajnath singh rajnath singh
Internal wars disturbed Kashmir in the recent times. Why to discuss with Pakistani supporters ? This question is a usual one in the ordinary context but this was asked by Kahmiris. We all know that a committe went to Kashmir to bring down the internal clashes in Kashmir.

Separatists and Pakistani leaders like Gilani are behaving in the objectionable manner. The leaders are not allowing the members of the committe to enter their houses. When the committe members went to meet Gilani at his residence, his supporters raised Pakistan Zindabad slogans and stopped them from speaking. One of the groups met Rajnath Singh and asked this question. It's true that discussion with the Paksitani supporters is waste of time. Their character is totally exposed with the present incident. It is better to ignore them till the situations comes under control. After that, the central government should take legal proceedings.

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