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Saturday, 10 September 2016 00:00

Chandrababu Naidu on Hyderabad development Featured

Politicians are known for their self-praising. They build entire world with their words. They want every credit on their name. Many feel that Chandrababu Naidu claims everything for Hyderabad development.

But after 2014 elections, his attitude is totally changed. But sometimes this self-praising land us in troubles. In a recent press meet, he narrated an incident which we can call as the peaks of self-praising.Former Prime Minister appreciated me for developing Hyderabad in his America tour.He showed Hyderabad as the symbol of development, adds Babu. There is nothing wrong in self-praising but it should be in limits.

If we follow the facts, the speech of Babu is taken for a joke. Chandrababu became CM in 1995 September and PV Narasimha Rao stepped down from his position in 1996. There is a total time gap of 8 months.How can he develop Hyderabad in 8 months. If we accept this, he would have done much more to Andhra Pradesh in these 2 years.

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