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Thursday, 21 March 2019 00:00

Lokesh Babu's Remove - Bury -Supress strategy for social media Featured

The goonda and murder politics are ruling the roost in AP. All accusing fingers point out to the TDP and its leaders. Those who opposed them are being subjected to physical attacks and cases are being filed against them so that they are left to fight them. Now, the arrests and fake cases have extended to the social media also. Already many social media activists of the YSRCP have been facing cases. Nara Lokesh has hired a fictitious company to book cases against those who called him Pappu. The company is strangely titled Remove, Bury, Supress. The name is indicative of the activities of the film. But, the more the suppression, more the rebellion. More and more social media activists have started attacking Lokesh. We have an advice for Lokesh Babu. Isn't it better to try to come out of the 'Pappu' tag rather than trying to snuff out the critics.
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