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Monday, 01 July 2019 00:00

Vijayasai Reddy…. YS Jagan’s Man Friday!! Featured

His name spells victory. In fact, it is part of his name. He played no mean part in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy braving every vicissitude during the ten-year draconian rule of Chandrababu Nadu. Through his masterly moves, he troubled and tormented Chandrababu Naidu and put the TDP ever on the defensive. Now, he is fighting for the rights of Andhra Pradesh with Delhi as his base. That is Vijayasai Reddy for you. Today is his birthday. Let’s have a look at his life, his mission, his achievements and his story…. Through the thick and thin… The last ten years of YS Jagan’s life were the toughest he had to endure. He lost his dear father and a vindictive Chandrababu Naidu foisted case after case against him. He was incarcerated for over 18 months and every attempt was made to break his morale. Others would have capitulated, but not Jagan. He stood for what he believed. He undertook a massive padayatra and came to power. Just as KVP was YSR’s alter ego during his troubles and travails, Vijayasai Reddy was Jagan’s Man Friday all through his tribulations. Who is Vijaysai Reddy Born on July 1, , 1957, Vijaysai Reddy is Jagan’s distant relative. A chartered accountant by profession, he knows businesses like the palm of his hand. He launched his own businesses in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. He was part of Board of Directors for many nationalised banks, including the Oriental Bank of Commerce. He came to limelight when Jagan began fighting the false cases foisted on him. He has also taken up the responsibility of running the Sakshi Media and managed the party affairs too. Jagan’s Man Friday Along with Jagan, Vijayasai Reddy too went to jail. But, he stood rock like behind Jagan. But, he was undeterred in the face of problems and was unwavering in his commitment. In fact, even the leader of the Opposition had acknowledged the role that Vijayasai Reddy played when he said that people like Vijayasai Reddy were an asset to Jagan and if only he had one person like Vijayasai Reddy, he would never be defeated. Everyone knows the role Vijayasai Reddy played in getting Jagan to power. Even now, as a loyal associate of YS Jagan, he is doing his bit for the party and the state. His role in unearthing TDP’s corruption is also unforgettable. No wonder, he is the most respected leader in the party after YS Jagan. Without doubt, the duo will leave their indelible imprint on the history of Andhra Pradesh.
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