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Shiv sena slammed Modi in Saamna paper: BJP vs Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena party supported BJP in the elections. But the party is with drawing it's hand,even if something goes wrong. Shiv Sena party is known for their fierce comments on the other parties. Read more

Internal war for Andhra Pradesh BJP President post ?

BJP is the new villain for AP people. BJP gained enough bad name by blocking the private bill on special status.Now, BJP higher cadre decided to select a new leader for AP BJP's president post. They are thinking of replacing the present president Hari babu with a new face. Read more

Priyanka Gandhi Replaces Rahul Gandhi ?

Congress after many attempts may have seen Rahul of being increasingly incapable of handling the politics and bringing off the party. They may convey Priyanka to UP polls and test waters. If congress can win say 30 seats, they may try further.But Vadra is a trouble here.No one knows where they will go to Sonia is not substantial enough to campaign vigorously. Read more

BJP and Congress engaged with Twitter battle

After a year-long political war across elections, Parliament and the streets, the BJP and the Congress were engaged in a twitter battle on New Year’s eve. The Congress launched a massive campaign on the micro-blogging site with #ModiFailures2015 to claim the NDA government failed on all fronts. Read more