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BJP and Congress advised vice-a-versa to take New Year resolution

PM Narendra Modi attacked Opposition party over the continuous disruption of the Parliament and asked Congress party to take a vow to allow the parliament to function. "Those who ruled India for 60 years have no right to disrupt its functioning. Read more

Azam Khan claiming him as fittest for Prime Minister of India

Azam Khan, Samajwadi Party MP, who becomes headlines of the media by his sensational comments occasionally. Now once again came in to light on his own style by claiming him to be the “fittest” person to become the Prime Minister. Read more

Does America lift the ban on Modi’s Visa?

American president Obama's decision to lift the ban on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's entry to the US will be finalised by February, 2016. A US federal court has ordered the State Department to produce all documents by February 2016 related Modi's tourist visa. Read more

Israel Prime Minister's dog bites visitors

Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the most powerful leaders in the world. He has immense controling power not only in his home land but also foreign affairs. He is able to tend world countries policies as well. This power came to him through the post of Prime Minister of Israel. Read more