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KVP fires on Chandrababu Naidu : Special status issue

Central Government is showing bare hands to Andhra Pradesh over special status issue.In this context, Congress MP fired on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. He said that Babu is killing the dreams of the state for his personal benefits. Read more

Chandra babu is passing the time with stay orders

  TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu is passing the time with stay orders. He managed to get stay orders in 16 cases. He got 8 weeks stay order from High court in the latest cash for vote case. Read more

Chandrababu Naidu upset with Kuppam internal war

Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu is representing Kuppam Assembly constituency. Kuppam TDP leaders' internal politics and war is bringing bad name to Babu. Latest news is that Chandrababu is missing grip on the Kuppam politics. Read more

Chandrababu Naidu has that capacity: Undavalli

Andhra Pradesh Special Status issue is getting stronger. Andhra Pradesh state's ruling party TDP is very much upset with the way, BJP dealing with the issue. All the political parties are taking a single stand to get special status to the state. Read more