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PM Modi to attend a public meeting in Hyderabad

PM Narendra Modi spends his time in a very wise manner. We have seen his time management during the election campaigns. He plans for a public meeting wherever he visits. Recent reports say that he plans for a tour in Telangana. Read more

Modi’s Dream & Prabhu’s Effort: Metro Rail

Modi, the Prime Minister of India has an ambition of the bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. This may take the elevated route now, if given a green signal by the Japanese consultants before the execution stage. Read more

Priyanka Gandhi Replaces Rahul Gandhi ?

Congress after many attempts may have seen Rahul of being increasingly incapable of handling the politics and bringing off the party. They may convey Priyanka to UP polls and test waters. If congress can win say 30 seats, they may try further.But Vadra is a trouble here.No one knows where they will go to Sonia is not substantial enough to campaign vigorously. Read more

Two years into governance: Modi's performance

It was on 26 may 2014, Narendra modi assumed charge of prime minister of india. its almost two years, how far his promises has been realized?Do the interrelated promises of "Achhe din" and "Congress mukt Bharat" has been fulfilled ? Read more