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Thursday, 05 November 2015 00:00

Where are these Sport Stars ...? Featured

Jonty Rhodes, Lance Klusener, Steve Vaugh, Andrew Flintoff.... they were terrific and their very presence spelt success for their teams.There was no fielder like Jonty. His was a gymnast and people feel that has got to do with his agility on field.

Klusener was a real game changer and changed the outcomes of many a match. Steve Waugh was the original Mr Cool. But, they are gone now. How are their teams using them? Has Waugh's expertise been put to use by the present day  Aussies? England is yet to find a replacement for swashbuckling Flintoff. They were irreplaceable and their absence is still being felt acutely by their respective teams. Aussies have never been the same after Waugh-Ponting era is over. Now do the teams have anyone to replace them?

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