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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 00:00

Virat Kohli is now in a new role: Going to sing for Rahman Featured

Virat Kohli is now playing a new role. He is going to give his voice in a song composed by Oscar award winner AR Rahman. Rahman and Kohli are working together for the official anthem of a new game Futsal.

Kohli said that he is under pressure to sing infront of the top most music directors like Rahman.The new game Futsal is going to premier in our country very soon. The organizers decided to bring popularity to the new game and brought two popular celebrities Virat Kohli and music director AR Rahman into the picture.   Virat in a press meet said that he was under more pressure than on the field as he was going to work with a legend. He also said that his childhood memories had a connection to the tunes of Rahman.

He also said that he was looking forward for the recording session. Rahman said that they had been working on the song for a week. He also said that Kohli's portion would be rap part of the song.The anthem is titled Naamhai Futsal. It will be released along with video featuring India's star cricketer Virat Kohli in the lead singing to his own voice. The song will buzz in the social media in a couple of weeks.

What is Futsal about ?

Futsal is a new game to India. It became popular as a quicker form of football. It is an indoor game and is played by a five member team. Futsal is going to premier in our country from mid July. The league will have eight teams similar to Kabaddi league and IPL from across the country. This league is promoted by Xavier Britto of Indev Group.

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