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Thursday, 22 September 2016 00:00

Leander Paes on Sania Mirza's tweet !!

paes vs sania paes vs sania
Indian Tennis is making the headlines for wrong reasons. India lost many matches due to the ego clashes between the players. Sania Mirza indirectly tweeted on Paes that he was toxic.

Paes also reacted in the same way. My haters need to take ages to reach my achievements.Let the people bark at me. Many of my fellow players are very jealous on me. They won't understand the pain to be foregone to participate in 7 Olympics and win 18 Grand slam titles. They won't achieve this, even if they struggle for a long period. I won't take their words too personal. Let the haters hate.

Even if the media and people don't undestand me , I never mind. I would record my achievements in the history, as replied by Paes. Travelling and coaches expenses are crossing 3 crores and the price money is very much low when we compare with the singles. I am continuing just because of my love towards the game. I would earn much more than this, if I run an academy or turn as a commentator, further added by Leander Paes. Let's see where this ends..

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