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Thursday, 03 December 2015 00:00

WhatsApp Is Blocking Links To Rival App Telegram On Android Featured

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  Messaging giant Whatsaap deliberately blocking links to rival messaging app Telegram says orat.io. Cause of Whatsaap blocking the links to Telegram, users can't share clickable Telegram-associated URLs in their chats. Orat.io, a mobile messaging customer service startup noticed the issue and has said about Whatsaap constraining methods.

Orat.io says it checked the issue and presently, links only appear as blocked within the Android app, without unliking going on in the iOS app. Even in recent version which was updated in November end. The startup app discovered that Whatsaap deliberately attempting to dilute its users from going into a rival service. 

  Android developer Jernej Virag said to have found evidence in Whatsapp's code that suggests it is indeed targeting Telegram. In a statement, Telegram also claims its Facebook page disappeared for no particular cause. Commenting on this Telegram founder Pavel Durov says Whatsapp blocking links to its service as short-sighted. Further, he is less concerned about deletion of the Facebook page, and tells "We didn’t use it, so we didn’t even notice it.”
  Telegram is smaller compared to Whatsapp which has magnificent user number. Perhaps that tremendous exposure and milestone prospects are encouraging Whatsapp to constrain its rivals. Whatever the truth, some say, it's not so good to block the content which is itended to see the users for a venture's commercial interests.

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