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Sunday, 06 December 2015 00:00

Beware,downloaded apps can leak personal data Featured

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 A study says, almost 9% of popular apps downloaded from Google Play interact with websites that could compromise your security and privacy. Although apps hook up to a convoluted network of websites, both to function and generate advertising revenues, most users unaware their personal data could compromised, said one of the researchers Michalis Faloutsos at University of California in the US.

He said that they observed the potential for good apps can leak private information through the sites users interact with. They find a lot of people believe that if an app is popular or available on one of the app stores, it is assumed must be a safe one. But, we suspected that wasn't the case, Faloutsos continued.

 The researchers conducted an extensive analysis of URLs embedded in 13,500 free android apps downloaded from Google Play. The tested Apps were designed by reputed developers and downloaded by many users, among them popular social media, shopping, news and entertainment apps.With the help of Android URL Risk Assessor (AURA), the team identified more than 2,50,000 URLs accessed by the 13,500 apps and these were cross checked using VirusTotal for their trustworthiness. The team is now developing a tool that allows users to have an idea the riskiness of individual apps before downloading them.

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