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Friday, 11 December 2015 00:00

Social Networks site hit differently over salman verdict

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Social media platforms were abuzz on Thursday after the Bombay High Court announced verdict over Bollywood superstar Salman Khan of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case.The court ruled that the prosecution had presented a weak case failing to prove that Salman Khan was indeed driving the vehicle that ran over 6 people, killing one and injuring five others in Bandra, suburban Mumbai.

  However, Netizens in social networking site like twitter and face book have reacted their own style on the actor’s acquittal:

Salman Khan’s fans celebrate his acquittal in Bhopal #salmankhanverdictpic.twitter.com/0sFZCoS4Eu At Salman Khan’s home, a growing crowd of fans and increased security https://t.co/45vFxyJFsh pic.twitter.com/iOdpTI67Ya   Above everything what matters in this accident case is VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILY HAVE NOTHING AGAINST SALMAN KHAN#SalmanVerdict Salman says his car had even number and he drink only on odd days #SalmanVerdict  Salman Khan ji coming out of court after Judgement… #SalmanVerdictpic.twitter.com/N8xJu8XaqM  @TimesNow #SalmanFreed And it took 13 years. If he had kids they’d have completed schooling by now. Perfect cinema plot.@BeingSalmanKhan Salman Khan is now at par with Akshay Kumar in number of releases a year.Salman Bhai is not guilty, poverty is. #SalmanVerdict@waglenikhil dats very much true..today’s acquittal of Salman Khan in hit & run case once again proved dat law is only for rich ppl…

I’m sorry, was it ‘Justice is Blind’ or 'Justice is Bribed’? #SalmanVerdict Irony is Ravindra Patil suffered more than the man who was cause of that accident. RT if you agree. #SalmanVerdict pic.twitter.com/n18aplwzcq   @MoonaBegum its really true moona :-(Now it’s official, Salman owned world’s first driverless car in 2002#SalmanVerdict  Faith in power of Money and Stardom restored.

#SalmanVerdict  Who says we are an intolerant country? Actor Salman Khan walks free in hit and run case… Signs of high tolerance! #justice #NoRespect  @BeingSalmanKhan Congratulations!!! #SalmanVerdict At Spelling bee : Jury: Your word is #SalmanKhan . Kid: Can I use it in a sentence? Jury: Sorry, there will be no sentence #SalmanVerdict Witnesses taking money and turning hostile is nothing new-Joginder Singh,former CBI director #salmankhanverdictpic.twitter.com/DqGF0FH5c7

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