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Thursday, 24 December 2015 00:00

Facebook offers Photo Magic feature

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If you’re someone who relies pretty heavily on Face book Messenger to communicate with your friends and family members, you might be interested in a recent update that Face book has pushed out to its users.

 The update is pretty substantial as it adds quite a fair number of features to the app, making it more functional than ever. For starters; Photo Magic is one of those new features. The feature was actually announced last month where it was available in limited testing . For those unfamiliar, Photo Magic is when after you take a photo with Messenger, it then attempts to detect the faces in the photo to identify your friends, and will help you send said photo to your friends immediately.

 This means that you won’t forget and have to be constantly reminded to do so. Face book has also introduced customization options to chats. Now users can colour chats individually so you can identify the different chats, or maybe you’re just sick of the Face book blue. However these colours can be seen by the other party meaning that they can change it if they want. Users can even set the email they want for the chat. This email basically replaces the “like” button in the chat but more or less functions the same way. It is pretty cool and a fun update and if you haven’t updated already, the update should already be available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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