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Monday, 06 June 2016 00:00

Facebook was on lockdown because of Google+ : A Report Featured

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Social media giant Facebook is updating it's features regularly to satisfy it's users. It stood in the leading position with it's strong user-base spread over in many developed and under developed countries all over the world.But recent news is that Mark Zuckersberg, one of the founders of Facebook  was little bit tensed when Google plus was launched by the Google team.

According to the recent news reports, when Google plus was launched, Mark arranaged an urgent meeting with all the  marketing team and senior executives called it as lockdown time. This news came to light from a book.Facebook former manager Antonio Garcia Martinez written a book and shared few experiences. In that book it was written that all the executives had received a mail at 1:45 PM on the day Google social network Google plus launched. They were instructed to gather like Lockdown sign.

 All the social media giants feared of Google plus when it was launched but it failed miserably.Google plus failed to compete with Facebook and Twitter in many features.This might be the biggest failures of Google. This product did not receive great response from it's users and google lovers too. Ease of access is the great adavantage of Facebook.Google+ is working on to improve the user experience but in the present sense it is of no use.

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