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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 00:00

Facebook head's Twitter account hacked: Solution to survive from being hacked

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Mark Zuckersberg, the CEO and founder of social media giant Facebook is in the news for a different reason this time. His Pinterest and Twitter accounts were hacked by a hacker group recently.According to the recent reports,The group of hackers claimed that they have obtained passwords from Mark's LinkedIn 2012 account.

 The hacker group named themselves as Our Mine Team on Zuckersberg's  Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Mark is not active on Twitter from 2012. His last tweet was in 2012. In a deleted tweet , the hackers group said that they have also tested Zuckersberg's Instagram account.

 In the meanwhile, OurMine hacker group's Twitter account was kept on suspension and Mark's Pinterest account has been restored by the concerned team.According to The New York Daily news report, the hackers group had stolen more than 164 million users data. The data was sold on some dark websites for USD 2300 nearly.

Solution to escape from being hacked:

Many of us operate all the accounts with one or two passwords.This is not at all good. If one of your accounts is hacked, the other accounts will be in a major risk. To avoid this all the biggest tech companies are insisting their users to switch on two factor authentication. It is a bit more secure than using a password alone.

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