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Saturday, 20 August 2016 00:00

An overview on sim cloning scams

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We are depending on internet for many things these days like money transfer, shopping,bill payments etc. With the entry of smartphones, the use of internet has increased many fold. We receive OTP (one time passwords) while doing online transactions.

We feel that,our accounts are safe with this method. But, a new fraud technique i.e., sim cloning technique is diluting the OTP security. With cloning, the hackers are getting all the information of our smartphones. A real life incident explains you better. A 71 year old lady got a message that 11 lakhs were withdrawn from her account. She went to the bank and raised an issue. How this was done will shock you. This is also a cyber crime. Her sim card was cloned. Her data and OTP's were redirected to another device. First, the hackers will send you a message or give a missed call. If you reply, you will be in trouble.Don't attend the messages and missed calls from the numbers starting with +92, +90, +09.Use a separate sim card for you all your transactions. In this way, you can protect your bank account from being hacked.

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