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Monday, 29 August 2016 00:00

Why Rs 800 feature phone is better than Iphone ?

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There are some jokes on Rs 800 Nokia phones Vs Iphones trending on the social media. These are very funny. Let's have a look on those funny lines.. 1.No need of spending your entire salary for buying Nokia phone 2.No need of extra maintenance like flip cover, power bank etc 3.No worries ..if Nokia Phone is lost. 4.Iphone cracks if it slips from our hands. Nokia is the best in this aspect. 5.Snake game is the major highlight of the Nokia phone. 6.Iphone sometimes won't work if water falls on it. 7.No virus attacks on Nokia phone. 8.No issues of whatsapp, fb etc with Nokia phone. 9.Nokia phone is known for it's battery life. But for an Iphone, you need to carry a power bank. 10. No need of micro sims in Nokia phones. 11.You can change the panel for Nokia phones. 12.Nokia phone is the best back up phone. 13.The maintenance cost is very less. Like this article.. and share with your friends..
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