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Monday, 29 August 2016 00:00

Stop whatsapp from sharing your number with facebook

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Facebook acquired whatsapp with a whooping amount. Now, whatsapp is comprimising it's users privacy by sharing it's users phone numbers with facebook. Both the joint companies formulated a new policy regarding this activity.

With few settings, users can stop whatsapp from sharing their mobile numbers with facebook. For this, whatsapp introduced a new feature.Go to whatsapp setting box and untick the box provided. This will not allow fb to get your phone number.Users are agreeing with the new feature without knowing the after effects. If you get a pop up , click on read more before clicking on agree option. If you accidentally click on I agree option, there is a way to come out of it. Users can use their 30 days time to come out of this policy. To disable this sharing, go to app settings. Click on account tabs.Then uncheck "Share my account info" option. By using this option, users can keep their phone number info private.

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