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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 00:00

Spy technology can steal your smartphone information

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data stealing from spy tech data stealing from spy tech
We think that we are provided with more privacy with the smartphones. But this is a myth. Security features of iphones, android, blackberry, symbian phones are greatly compromised these days.

A third person can access all our info like GPS location,messages, search history and other private details. This type of spying is done by certain private companies. NSO group is one among them. This company is established in 2010 in Israel and making more than 15 crores dollars every year. This company develops new software and hardware devices to spy on other phones. The company charges 5 lakh dollars to spy on 10 iphones, 5 lakh dollars for 5 blackberry phones,3 lakh dollars for 3 symbian phones.

They try to fix the software in the targeted devices in various ways like web searching, free software download etc. They track the surrounding sounds with Room tap technology. The company claims they  were not doing any unethical activity. We are proceeding in an ethical way according to UN norms. Our aim is to control drug mafia and terrorism around the world, as claimed by the company. The company is criticized by many activists, as it's policy is killing the privacy of the users.

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