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Monday, 12 September 2016 00:00

Getting 4G speed with 3G connection is very easy, the complete guide

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3G to 4G 3G to 4G
Many 3G and 4G phones are released into the market every day. 3G and 4G technologies made browing experience more better and faster but one or the other times, we are the victims of slow data internet problems.

One of the members of XDA Forum formulated a procedure to increase the 3G speed by many folds. By using his technique, many users doubled their 3G connection speed. Your network carrier should support this modification. Otherwise,this technique will not work.

Disclaimer : breakingtoday is not responsible if any configuration problem arise in your device. Please use this technique, if you are technically strong or take the help of a developer.To optimize internet speed, you have to modify the internet configuration setting file. By editing, Van Jacobson TCP/IP header Compression in configuration file, you can increase the 3G speed. You have to root your smartphone to increase the 3G internet speed.

 Company warranties won't apply, if you root your smartphone. The data is lost and it is better to backup your data before this process.Download Options. 7z archive file from the internet. Install file manager apps like ES File explorer or Root explorer which can access root files and change the file permissions. Unzip Options.7z archive file. You can see options file in that. Copy that file into SD card root. Accept the root permission with the help of ES File Manager app.

You can follow these steps Menu >> Root Explorer >> On >> Confirm     

Now open ES File manager app and copy the options file and paste in the "/ system / etc / ppp" folder. Now you are supposed to change the permissions of Options file.

To do this,Option file : and follow this path. First tap and hold the file. More> Properties> Edit (Permission)>activate the three permission under readable (Owner, group and other).After that deactivate the three under writing and activate the three which are under Execute and press OK. Reboot the phone. Now your phone operates with doubled 3G speed.


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