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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

why Apple Phones are going to be cheaper in India..? Featured

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Tim Cook, in his recent visit to India observed some factors which would benefit his company. According to sources, Apple Inc is thinking of manufacturing Iphones in India with the help of Foxconn  Company.

If this deal works out, we can see Iphones Indian Edition in the future. But Let's have a look on the factors which lead to the price drop of the Iphones, if manufacturing in India starts..Apple may design the Iphones according to the budget of the people. Apple has good appeal in our country. The Apple phones are treated as a status symbol by many of us. Iphone sales in India have increased drastically. This is due to the exchange offers and discounts offered by the company. If Apple makes Indian Iphones, there may be increase in the sales.

 Apple is going to start it's own stores in which all the Apple phones and accessories will be offered. These stores will also act as service centres. Apple can enjoy heavy tax exemptions with the make in India initiative started by the Modi Government. This may cut down the costs. India has good interlinked transportation with all the countries. This may support exporting of Apple phones globally. Apple may slice the market share of Lenovo, Xiaomi and Motorola if they start manufacturing budget friendly smartphones.Latest reports reveal that Iphone sales have increased by 76%. Apple started App design development centre in Bangalore and Map development center in Hyderabad in the recent times.




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