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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

Samsung Galaxy note 7 phones are exploding because.. Featured

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samsung exploding samsung exploding
Samsung lovers are greatly disappointed with Galaxy note 7 issue. Samsung company officials are worried of their brand value. The entire smartphone community shocked with the explosions of the Samsung Galaxy note 7 phones.

Samsung gave an explanation and revealed that these explosions are due to battery issues. These explosions are due to the excessive heat emitted during charging.There is a manufacturing defect in the batteries and these details were concluded after an investigation. SDI of Samsung manufactured these batteries. 70% of the batteries of Galaxy note 7 are manufactured by SDI. The excessive heat is due to Anode to Cathode transmission. This is one of the rarest defects in the batteries.

The company started replacing the phones with the new ones. Battery explosion issue is investigated and featured on the Samsung website. The company received 35 complaints regarding explosions ( Korea 17, America 17 and Taiwan 1) from September 1st.Over 2.5 million units of Note 7 phones were sold globally. The company said that it is the company's responsibility to safeguard user's safety. Samsung is going to replace all the Galaxy note 7 phones in the coming weeks.

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