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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

Shocking facts about mobile phones Featured

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mobile shocking facts mobile shocking facts
 Smartphone has become a part of our daily life. We spend our free time mostly with our smartphones. Here are some of the shocking facts about the mobile phones which attracted the world's attention.

1. In 2012, Apple sold 3,40,000 Iphones in a single day.

2. Smartphone users are unlocking their mobile screen 110 times daily on an average (According to a survey).

3. Globally, the number of smartphones are greater than Bathrooms.

4. In Britain, 1 Lakh phones are getting slipped into the toilets annually. 

5. The present computing power of the smartphones is much higher than the computer power used in Apollo 11 moon landing.

6. Nokia 1100 devices' sales have crossed 250 million mark worldwide.

7. Scientists, recently invented a method to charge the mobile phone with the help of urine.

8. Mobile phones' radiation can cause sleeplessness, headcahe and other problems.

9. 90% of the mobile phones which are being used in Japan are with water proof feature.

10.If we compare bacteria on toilet handles and mobile phones, mobile phones contain 18% more bacteria than the latter.

11.Android phones are easily targeted by Malware globally.

12.Philippe Kahn, the creator of camera phone shared his photo to the maternity ward of his daughter Sophie on June 11, 1997. Photo sharing in mobile phones was started from then.

13.Mobile phones sales were started in the USA in the year 1983 and the price was tagged at 4,000 dollars.

14.Initially, the text limit was 128 words but now it is increased to 160 words.

15.World's first mobile handset was Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

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