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Breastfeeding to child reason died in hands of ISIS

The Islamic State terror group (ISIS) known for its brutality and mercilessness were at it yet again. This time a mother despite being covered with burqa and veil was killed by the ISIS women police for breastfeeding her baby in public in Raqqa, Syria. Read more

Press digit ‘9’ in your mobile be distress

Central government initiated to save the women from any manner of trouble across the nation. central government has decided to set a ‘panic button’ on mobile phones, which will immediately send and SOS to closest police station. Read more

Pakistan once again tremor by suicide attack

 Pakistan was once again tremor by suicide attacks.  A suicide bomber attacked a government office in Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least 22 people and wounding more than 30, officials said. Read more

Husband forced his wife to have sexual relationship with his cousin

In a bizarre incident, a woman filed a case against her husband in Kanpur stating that he had asked her to have sexual relationship with his cousin to get his girlfriend in return. Read more