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Spy technology can steal your smartphone information

We think that we are provided with more privacy with the smartphones. But this is a myth. Security features of iphones, android, blackberry, symbian phones are greatly compromised these days. Read more

Flying Taxis which can be operated with our mobile phones

Technology is advancing day by day. Means of transportation is advancing with technology. Now the latest buzz is created with the entry of flying taxis. And these taxis can be operated with our smartphones. Read more

Interesting facts to know about Xiaomi brand

Xiaomi, the brand needs no introduction. All the leading brands' market share is sliced by Xiaomi and got the title "Apple of China". An industrialist, Lei Jun started this company on April 6, 2010. Here are some of the interesting things on Xiaomi. Read more

These smartphones support Reliance Jio 4G SIM's

Reliance Jio is thinking of acquiring 10 crores subscribers as early as possible. The company is taking aggressive steps to attract the users. Relaince Jio preview is now open to all the users. Users with Jio 4G sim can enjoy free jio services like unlimited data usage, voice calls, sms etc. Here is the list of all the smartphones which support Reliance Jio 4G sims. Read more