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Stop whatsapp from sharing your number with facebook

Facebook acquired whatsapp with a whooping amount. Now, whatsapp is comprimising it's users privacy by sharing it's users phone numbers with facebook. Both the joint companies formulated a new policy regarding this activity. Read more

Brazil lifts 48 hours suspension over WhatsApp

A Brazilian judge on Thursday ordered the lifting of a 48-hour suspension of the services of social networking sites. The ban, which went into effect at midnight Wednesday, lasted about 12 hours until an appeals court judge overturned it. Read more

WhatsApp Is Blocking Links To Rival App Telegram On Android

  Messaging giant Whatsaap deliberately blocking links to rival messaging app Telegram says orat.io. Cause of Whatsaap blocking the links to Telegram, users can't share clickable Telegram-associated URLs in their chats. Orat.io, a mobile messaging customer service startup noticed the issue and has said about Whatsaap constraining methods. Read more