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Putin presents Gandhiji’s hand written notes to Modi

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a page from the diary of Mahatma Gandhi and an 18th century Indian sword. Putin presented the items to Modi while hosting the latter for a private dinner. Read more

BJP MP Tarun Vijay demands action against American agencies

BJP MP Tarun Vijay asked the government to take up with the US a wrong map of Kashmir allegedly published by Microsoft and other American agencies, saying it was“cartographic attack” on India’s sovereignty. Read more

Azam Khan claiming him as fittest for Prime Minister of India

Azam Khan, Samajwadi Party MP, who becomes headlines of the media by his sensational comments occasionally. Now once again came in to light on his own style by claiming him to be the “fittest” person to become the Prime Minister. Read more

Secret diplomacy works for Indo- Pak issues

The arch-rivals India and Pakistan may rely on "secret diplomacy" to arrive at a deal on the vexed Kashmir dispute in a a move that emulates the path adopted by the Musharraf-Manmohan administrations to find an ‘out of box’ solution to the conflict that has sparked three wars between the two countries. Read more