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Sehwag regrets for not break the Lara’s record

Former India opener Virender Sehwag, said scoring a hundred on debut was his most special cricketing moment. He said he always prepared well for his matches and studied the bowlers in detail before launching those brutal assaults. However, Sehwag, who appeared almost without a care on the cricket field, admitted he did have one regret. Read more

A lawyer wants Kohinoor back to Pakistan from UK

  A Pakistani lawyer wants his government to get the Kohinoor diamond from UK. He filed a pitition to bring back the precicious stone, now a part of the Crown Jewels, that India has been trying to get back from Britain for years. Read more

Islamic State now aims India and Asian Countries

The Islamic State has vowed to expand the jihadist organisation’s war against India. The threat is made in a new, Black Flags from the Islamic State, a manifesto released online on jihadist platforms. "The Islamic State would now expand beyond Iraq and Syria", Black Flags states. "It would now expand into Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and several other countries". Read more