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Delhi children's home officer arrested: Charges of rape

The superintendent of Delhi's children's home was arrested. He faced charges of rape mainly for sexually assaulting over 12 girls who were aged between 8 and 10 years. Reports said that he also shot videos of the act.His phone had been seized by the Police department and sent for the detailed examination. Read more

AR Rahman to be honoured with top Japanese culture prize 2016

Another prestigious award to Music maestro AR Rahman. He has been awarded with the Grand Fukuoka Prize 2016 for his outstanding contribution to Asian culture through his mesmerizing music.The Grand Fukuoka Prize is a top Japanese culture Prize. Read more

Majority Population as Slave in India

On Monday, as per a global survey, more than 18 million of the total population is under the category of slave as forced beggars, bonded laborers, child soldiers or the sex workers. The Global Slavery Index record says 1.4% of the population in India, marking it as the fourth largest contribution in the slavery among the 167 countries. Read more

Priyanka Gandhi Replaces Rahul Gandhi ?

Congress after many attempts may have seen Rahul of being increasingly incapable of handling the politics and bringing off the party. They may convey Priyanka to UP polls and test waters. If congress can win say 30 seats, they may try further.But Vadra is a trouble here.No one knows where they will go to Sonia is not substantial enough to campaign vigorously. Read more