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Spy technology can steal your smartphone information

We think that we are provided with more privacy with the smartphones. But this is a myth. Security features of iphones, android, blackberry, symbian phones are greatly compromised these days. Read more

Search engines start estimated removal request followed Spanish Court orders

 By following the Spanish court orders, Google search engines has started to estimate removal requests from the website. From the past one year Google has forgotten removal requests but the company has started to estimate removal request of 348,508 in total, According to Spanish court orders search engines have decided must assess each individual’s request for removal and that a search engine can only continue to display certain results where there is a public interest in doing so. Read more

A new App launched for make friends

a new app launched to do so people in a friendly, fun way here on Tuesday. the PhoSho app for iOS allows users to share photographs, but with a twist. The app encourages users to share themed moments with their friends so they can see and share photos based on a particular subject. Read more