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Spains tomato festival started from august 31st.so many tourists are coming to attend this Fest
Pakistan and China International relations are getting stronger. Modi's comments regarding Balochistan created heat among India and Pakistan countries. Now , Pakistan is getting closer to China. China wants to build financial corridor in Balochistan area.
American Presidential candidate is in the news once again. He was in the news earlier with his controversial statements on women and Indians. This time, he targeted Mexicans and the other citizens from different countries on the whole.
WikiLeaks is in the news once again. The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange announced that he would release some important documents on Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign in the coming days but before the elections.
"Delete your account" Hillary Clinton started targeting her rival Donald Trump in the campaign. All thought that the message was from Hillary but it was actually posted by a young staffer in her office. This was a response to the latest comment by Trump on Obama's endorsement of crooked Hillary, the day before.
Tibet lies in the Tibetan Plateau, Asia. It serves as a homeland for Tibetan people. It is the highest region on the Earth. The great Everest, the Mount Everest (29,029 ft.) also lies in the Tibet Beijing to Tibet .
The Victory Day celebrations in Russia once again showcased the mighty military power of the nation along with the Russian President Vladimir Putin mocking the west for their double standards.
Former Libyan dictator late Muammar Gaddafi’ former advisor revealed interesting issue in world politics. Former Libyan dictator once tried to strenghten political ties between Russia and Libya through new family relations.
Democratic Presidential front runner, Hillary Clinton has topped the list of America’s most admired people for the year 2015. She was shared the top place along with the President Barack Obama in man and woman category respectively, a latest US poll said on Monday.
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