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Beijing issued an alert for severe air pollution, warning children and the elderly to avoid outdoor activities as limited visibility from the thick smog forced the airport to cancel 227 departures. Officials in the capital raised their air pollution alert to orange, the second-highest on the city’s four-grade scale.
A devoted husband has spent the last 56 years caring for his bed-ridden wife, who lost all sensation in her body when she was 20.
He appears a world-away from western representations of Jesus Christ but using forensic data from the skulls of ancient first century Jewish men, a British anatomical artist has reimagined the face of the son of God.
A Canadian company selling air bottled in a ski resort says it's now seeing huge demand from Chinese customers. Vitality Air said that the first batch of 500 canisters filled with fresh air from the Rocky Mountain town of Banff went on sale in China last month and sold out within two weeks.
 Onigiri, Japan's one of the favourites heart shape rice recipe. The rice ball shaped by hand staple, inspired parents to show their babies faces as Onigiri. And the new trend, rice-ball babies rocking the social media and the netizens are at their best to adore the cute kids.
In the conserative Saudi Arabia, first time in the country's history women have elected to local councils. The people sent 17 women to municipal offices with great majority. The election was the first in which women could vote and run as candidates.
Domestic violence is not just physical, it was the message to curious audience who entered the orange container placed on The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. Inside the container there is a platform to understand the violence against women and its impact on society through victims audio tapes.
The cartoon depicts starving ​Indians chopping and eating ​solar panels sent in an attempt to control carbon emissions. The cartoon drawn by cartoonist​ Bill leaks ​was his response to the ​climate deal reached at the COP21 climate change summit on Saturday in Paris.​India is the fourth-largest greenhouse emitter in the world.
The arch-rivals India and Pakistan may rely on "secret diplomacy" to arrive at a deal on the vexed Kashmir dispute in a a move that emulates the path adopted by the Musharraf-Manmohan administrations to find an ‘out of box’ solution to the conflict that has sparked three wars between the two countries.
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