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Thursday, 05 November 2015 00:00

Man bites dog, chokes it so hard its eyes pop out

They say dog biting man is no news. But, man biting dog is definitely a news. A Florida man bit the dog so badly and choked it so fard that its eyes simply popped out.

The man, identified as David Etzel. This heavy built man was heavily drunk and was teasing a dog. when he teased it to no end, the dog bit him.Angry with it, Etzel pounced on it and bit it. Not content, he even choked it. Due to the heavy choking, the eyes popped out. It was only when his mother raisedan alarm that the man left the dog.Luckily the dog did not die. Doctors put the eyes back into the socket avoiding permanent blindness. the man has now been charged with violence to animals and is likely to be sentenced to jail.

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