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Saturday, 07 November 2015 00:00

A Love Story & a live story: Their world has two two persons

They lived a life of recluse. Their life is a life of cast-away. For the past 45 years, a couple have been living all alone, away from the din and away from the hustle and bustle.

They lived a life unknown to the rest of the world.Meet Juan Martin and Sinforosa Colomer, a Spanish couple, who remained hidden from the world for 45 years.  Their's is a love story and a live story with difference. they met as farm workers, fell in love and then got married. Now they live alone in the village.

 45 years ago, their village of La Estrella became empty. Everyone went to the towns and the cities for livelihood. But, Sinforosa did not like the idea of leaving the village. And as always, the husband had to agree. Since them, the couple became the sole dwellers of the village. The world literally forgot them. They were 32 and 34 and 37 then. They are 79 and 82 now. They look after some dogs, cats, chickens and roosters. A house is all they have and they don't need money.Now their story is the subject of a film that is making news for all strange reasons.

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