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Friday, 27 November 2015 00:00

Sunni Arab areas become a source for strengthening of Islamic State Featured

International Terrorist organization Islamic State,  which is known for making brutal attacks all over the world with irrespective of regions, now become threat to the world. All the developed countries like USA, UK, France, Rassia and European countries are being affected by its brutal attacks.

Now all these countries came to one platform to smash International Terrorist organization Islamic State from the earth. But it seems not an easy task to fight on ISIS. Because, The Islamic State becomes stronger in day by day by strengthening its army and financial resources. In the name of religious ideology ISIS has been attracting the suppressed section of people in Arab countries. ISIS is cashing the conflicts between religious groups in Iraq and Syria. Those interests are as much political and ethnic as they are religious. All of this helps explain why so many former Baathists — predominantly Sunni Arabs — are so prominent in its ranks, especially members of Saddam Hussein's intelligence services.

 They see the Islamic State as the best way to reassert their traditional dominance in Iraq, which they lost with Hussein's downfall. In Syria, Sunnis were sidelined even earlier, with the rise in 1971 of Hafez Assad, father of current dictator Bashar Assad, who, under the cloak of Syria's own Baathist party, instituted de facto rule by his extended family, all Alawites .The Sunni ethnic identity is both a source of strength for the Islamic State and a potentially fatal weakness, if it can be properly exploited. The record of the last couple of years is pretty clear: The Islamic State can take and hold only Sunni Arab areas. It has not been able to advance into the Shiite heartland of Iraq or the Alawite heartland of Syria. And when it overstretches and tries to hold Kurdish, Shiite or Yazidi areas, it can be pushed back.

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