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Monday, 30 November 2015 00:00

US court released white house jumper for Psychiatric treatment

The US secret service said on Friday a man who jumped White House fence while draped in an American flag on Thanksgiving had been charged with unlawful entry. The intrusion prompted both a lockdown of the White House as the first family celebrated Thanksgiving and new embarrassment for the secret service amidst heightened security levels in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks.

Joseph Caputo of Stamford, Connecticut, scaled the north fence on gained access to the north grounds, where he was immediately arrested. A judge released him to the custody of the secret service, for a psychiatric evaluation after he confessed that intentionally did that for leave the soul. Thursday’s incident followed recent steps by the secret service to improve security at the White House following a string of breaches. Measures included changes to the fence aimed at making it harder for people to jump over.

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