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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:00

Canada women faces 10 years prison for pigs Issue

  A canadian faces 10 years imprisonment charges over giving water to pigs which were dehydrated. The woman named Anita Krajnc an animal right activist had given water to some thirsty pigs directed to a slaughter house. She spotted these poor fellows on a road at traffic signal point.

Anita's action immediately drawn anger of the owner of pigs and he filed case against her. If her action proved wrong she could be jailed for 10 years.
 In june Toronto resident Anita and her fellow activist gave water to the swine. The truck driver warned her not give water. But she pour some water in truck's slat reciting bible versions that Jesus said if they were thirsty, gave them water. Furious with Anita's act the driver complained to the pigs owner Van Boekel who filed a case against her the following day.

 After receiving summons Anita is shocked and wondered how could anyone charge a person for a good deed. She says being a good samaritan is her defense and hope come out of this case further no mess. Many animal right activists are also in support of Anita and they filed online pitions in her defense. On other hand, the pigs owner Van Boekel is very serious on Anita' act and he does not want to step back in this case. He said that he would not mind animal rights activists protests but should really mind when anyone poke nose into his business

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