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Friday, 04 December 2015 00:00

A lawyer wants Kohinoor back to Pakistan from UK

  A Pakistani lawyer wants his government to get the Kohinoor diamond from UK. He filed a pitition to bring back the precicious stone, now a part of the Crown Jewels, that India has been trying to get back from Britain for years.

Lawyer Javed Iqbal Jaffry alleged in his petition filed in the Lahore High Court that the Britain snatched the diamond from Daleep Singh, grandson of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. Jaffry said, "The diamond was palced in the crown of Queen Elizabeth ll at the time of her coronation in 1953. Queen Elizabeth has no right on the Kohinoor, weighs 105 carats with billions of rupees worth." Jaffry further says the Kohinoor diamond was the cultural heritage of Punjab province and it should be unchanged.

He asked the court to direct the government of Pakistan to bring back the diamond to country from the United Kingdom.The treasured Kohinoor is mined in the Kollur mine in Andhra Pradesh in 13th century. The precious stone was inherited by rulers of the Kakatiya Dynasty and it had been installed in a temple of a Hindu deity's eye. The diamond passed through the various invaders hands before it was snatched by the British. In 1849 British forces confiscated the properties of the Sikh Empire and the Kohinoor was then shifted to the treasury of the British East India Company in Lahore. Today the diamond is a part of the Queen Elizabeth's crown.

  India says the Kohinoor was unjustly gained and wants it returned with other treasures looted during British rule. In 1997, when Queen Elizabeth made a visit to India to mark the 50th anniversary of independence, many indians in India and UK had demanded the return of the diamond. The demand also had been heard from British Indian MP Keith Vaz ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the UK in november.Though the demand of the diamond to be returned to India is very high the Britain government is less concerned. In 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron ruled out handing the Kohinoor to India and said, 'I certainly don't believe in "returnism", as it were. I don't think that's sensible.'

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