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Friday, 04 December 2015 00:00

Secret tunnel found in ancient Hittite castle

 Mideast is known for its rich ancient cultures. Some historians say it is the place that helped the world countries to form their own cultures and traditons. In this amazing land an ancient tunnel was found under a mountain of castle built by Hittites around 4,000 years ago.

Geval Castle, on Takkel Mountain in Central Anatollia located 5,500 feet above sea level and archaeologists believed it was then offered as a viewpoint for people.According to history Hittites faced many Aggression's throughout their rein from the Egyptians, Assyrians, and Thracian's. To escape from foes they mastered in building underground tunnels and other hideouts. The latest discovery at Takkel Mountain is the first of its kind. Detailing on the discovery Necmettin Erbakan University History of Arts Prof.Ahmet caycl said that they found secret tunnels in the castle almost 984 feet long and this is connected to cistern.

  Gevale Castle has many cisterns, which were used to spupply water to the fort. Researchers can account the population of the area by measuring the volume of the cisterns and calculating the exact number of people who lived there based on the available water supply.Interesting factors about the tunnel are it is closed with a vault looks like part of the land said Caycl. "But when we go deeper, we can understand that it is a tunnel." The ancient tunnel notably established a connection with the outside world.

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